Friday, 7 May 2010

Living in a dream world

Oh my!  1950s retro style for kids - I find myself powerless to resist this outrageously cute skirt pattern from Ottobre Design.  Yes I am a sucker for a well staged picture, and yes I do know the effect will not be the same when my child is covered in tomato soup stains and sporting crusty porridge in her hair instead of a co-ordinating headscarf.
No matter - I promptly ordered the back issue (3/2009 if you feel similarly compelled), and now we play the waiting game as it wings its way to me all the way from Finland.

To help me while away the time Ottobre have very kindly provided entertainment in the form of this Japanese doll pattern, available in PDF form from their print for free section.
It is presumably an applique pattern, but since I have recently purchased Doodle Stitching: Fresh and Fun Embroidery for Beginners
I am buoyed with confidence about my long neglected embroidery skills, and I have transferred the design to a piece of evenweave ready to be tackled.

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  1. you have a lovely blog, and i am so happy to find it today! so gorgeous and unique.
    Come and check out our corner at "my little jedi" and spread the love xx


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