Monday, 24 May 2010

Refashioned sundress

Today is a good day for my sewing ego.  I am basking in the glory of my first "yeah, I made it myself" response to a compliment about Eva's dress.
She was wearing this sundress which I made from Mac's old shirt.  It's the first time she has worn anything I have made for her, as I only seem to make summer clothes, even though the weather here in Cheshire has not been too obliging recently.

It was actually a project which I fell out of love with part way through, largely because it only just about fits around the chest (let's say she grew rather than I made a mistake - let my ego have its day), so I know she won't be wearing it for very long.  For this reason I didn't bother to embellish it in any way, and sent her to pre-school in it, knowing full well it would return complete with at least six unidentifiable stains.  Which it did.

No matter.  The staff at pre-school were surprisingly impressed with my efforts, and have threatened to send any future costume-making requests my way.  Yikes!  Let's hope they don't follow through with that, otherwise I might just have to confess that I am making it all up as I go along...

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