Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dear oh deer

This does not bode well.  I have just discovered Folksy.  Sew, mould, carve, solder, cast, sculpt, buy, sell, go!  Indeed.  So I did - buy, that is. 

So much crafty goodness to tempt me, I can almost hear my hard-earned PayPal funds trickling away.

I have so far sucumbed to the following temptations:

1. Dear Deer Needlebook - here I am like a sucker, keeping my needles in their pedestrian cardboard packet, when they could be living it up inside this little beauty.  Brightly coloured felt, spotty buttons, a pocket page at the back with a strawberry on, no less, and a cute little deer on the front - what's not to love?
2. Mama Loves Disco - 100g of pink, lime, black and white buttons.  Not quite such a practical purchase, as I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with these yet, but they spoke to me and I couldn't resist their zingy pleas.  So far I'm considering sewing them in a heart shape onto plain linen and mounting it onto a canvas, but this idea may yet evolve into something completely different.  Any suggestions welcome!
Both items were from the seller PaperFish in case you're interested, but I'm afraid I can't be held responsible for any compulsions to overspend if you click on her link.

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